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Hair Care Tips

All Dark Hair is a Natural
(100% Top Quality Virgin Hair)
Bundle weight can range from 3.5-3.8 ounces with different lengths.

Persuasian Silk 1B Straight and Body Wave Hair:

Co Wash hair before you install. ALWAYS use Heat protectant and Serum (BioSilk and Sebastian Products are recommended) so your hair can have a beautiful luster to it. Shampoo hair with moisturizing Shampoo each week to remove ALL dirt and oils in the hair. 

Recommended Hair Products: 
Pantene, AOGX Brand, Tresemme, Bio Silk, Sebastian, Aphogee Keratin, Bed Head, L‘Oreal Total Repair, Herbal Essence. (Paroben, Sulfate & Alcohol Free.) 

(ALL HAIR TYPES) Bleaching/Lightening 1B Hair:
Bleaching our hair is safe. Professional help is recommended. You must wash all chemicals out to have a silky natural luster to the hair (neautralizer shampoo is recommended) Pantene and/or Bed Head brand is recommended (you’ll know all chemicals are out when the bubbles are gone rinsing the hair.) 
Wash at least three times a month. Hair can last you a life time with proper care. 

Persuasian Silk 1B Wavy/Curly Hair:
CO WASH before installing (Conditioner ONLY). Apply a Sheen Spray or Serum daily for a beautiful luster look and to keep the hair hydrated. To tame curly hair, ALWAYS put leave in conditioner, curl creams or curl mousses throughout the entire strand to show its perfect pattern. Air dry for best results.

🌸Detangle hair EVERY NIGHT! Do not go to bed with wet hair.
(Can cause matted hair)
(Conditioner ONLY) Recommended Products:
OGX BRAND, Brazilian Curly cream, Brazilian Keratin, Bed Head, Mixed Chicks, Pantene Smooth, Aphogee (Any product must be Alcohol, Sulfate & Paroben Free.) 



Persuasian Silk 613 Blonde Hair:

CO WASH hair before installing. 

Never rub or cause friction to hair. Always go a downward direction co washing the hair. ALWAYS use conditioner on blonde hair... never Shampoo. Apply a serum (BioSilk) Everyday so the hair can have a beautiful luster and stay hydrated and prevent damage (very important step). Shampoo dries out all processed hair (curly or blonde.) Avoid using paroben, and alcohol in hair products. Rinse with cool water for best results. Wrap and tie hair down in bonnet to prevent damage to hair. Air dry all hair for best results.
613 hair has Minimum Shedding due to the hair being bleached and processed so much to get to 613 color. Will require daily maintenance (hydration of a Serum) to prevent tangling and damage to our Hair. 
It is mandatory to follow steps for Best results.

****** Important*****

When coloring 613 hair please be sure to use a Moisturizing cleansing Shampoo to get rid of all Product in hair and use a Reconstructor or Silicone Mix (let set 10-15mins before rinsing with cool water) right after to add hydration.
Do NOT SKIP THIS STEP (MUST DO THIS STEP TO HAVE BEST RESULTS, if you don’t, you will not have the outcome you want)
Cold Water for best results.
(Only Conditioner) Recommended Products:
Pantene Smooth, Pantene Repair, Moroccan Oil, Silicone Mix, Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. Products must be Alcohol, Paroben and Sulfate Free. 

Natural Color 1B Raw Vietnamese Straight Hair:

  Our Raw Vietnamese hair is super silky and thick from weft to ends. Each bundle may be a different natural brown/black color due to 1 Donor each bundle. Top Quality hair! All bundles come double drawn and cuticle aligned.
Hair will definitely get bone straight with the right products, flat iron and care. This hair can last a life time with proper care.

How to Care:

Wash and Condition hair before installing (Must do this to have a silky luster look.) Wet entire Bundle, smooth our choice of conditioner on each strand. Rinse well with cool/Luke warm water. Apply a small amount of shampoo to each strand. Rinse thoroughly til no bubbles are in sink. Apply a decent amount of conditioner again to each strand. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Let air dry for BEST Silky Results.
Recommended Shampoo and Conditioner:
Pantene Smooth, Bed Head Dumb Blonde, Lorreal Total Repair, Aphogee Keratin, OGX Keratin Smoothing Oil, Brazilian Keratin System 
Recommended Products:
BioSilk Serum, Heat protection, Sebastian Products, Design Essentials (Sulfate and alcohol free products.)


Cleaning Any type of Lace:
Use 91% alcohol, Shampoo and Conditioner mix into Hot bowl of water. Place your ENTIRE Lace inside the bowl for 20-30 minutes. Glue residue should be easy to remove and pull off with wet rag. Cleanse hair after glue is off. Air dry for best results.
 If wefts are cut, seal the wefts with clear hair glue to minimize shedding. 

Recommended Hair Tools : 
NUME Hair heating tools, Hot Combs, BabyLiss heating tools are Recommended by Lushy always.
Apply a serum and heat protection to hair everyday using heating tools or styling. 
(Minimize Frizz, Goes for all hair types.)
(Minimize frizzing.)